Peter Senge’s Five Disciplines

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1.0 Introduction

Peter Senge was born in 1947, and he graduated in an engineering Stanford and then undertake a Master in Social Systems modelling at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and after that he completed his PhD on Management (Mark,2001). According to Peter Senge , learning organizations are “ Organizations where people continuously expand their capacity to create the results they really want , where expanded and new patterns of thinking are developed, where collective goal is set free, and where people are continuously learning to see the whole together”.

The basic needs for such organization is that in situations of continuous change only those are adaptive, flexible and productive will succeed. In order for this to
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In order to impose shared vision, learning organization needs to have flat, decentralized organizational structures. Shared vision is usually to succeed against rival organizations, but Senge states that there should also be long term goals that are intrinsic within the company (Boydell,1999).

(e) Team Learning

Team learning is the accumulation of individual learning. The advantage of shared learning is that employees grow more quickly and problem solving range is improved through better access to expertise and knowledge. Team learning has features such as boundary crossing and openness which helps organizations to make decisions in an efficient way. Team learning needs employees to engage in discussion and dialogue thus team members must develop shared meaning, open communication and shared understanding (Boydell,1999).

3.0 Other frameworks in Delivering Customer Value

(a) Micheal Porter Value Chain

Value chain is a concept or a framework from business management what which first described and popularized by Micheal Porter in 1985. It is a model that helps to analyse specific activities through which firms can create competitive advantage and value to customers (Value Based Management,2012). Micheal Porter
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