Peter Singer : An Animal Rights Activist

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Peter Singer is one of Harriet 's professors at her college, whom treats her very respectfully, except for the fact that he fully believes in terminating the life of anyone diabled as if they were not human. However he is an animal rights activist, making him seem like quite somewhat of a hypocrate. Dispite his immoral opinion he makes an understandable arguement, that I feel leans to somewhat of survival of the fittest. b) If only the 'typical bodied ' see them as suffering, does that mean that they truly are? As humans we see that living outside in the wilderness in dangerous and uncivilized, but does that mean that all animals will thrive if forced to live our lifestyle? As we can see, humans are obviously negatively disrupting their lives. What really got to me was when Harriet was being interviewed and maked a point to avoid the question about her professor. 'How can he put so much value on an animals life and so little on a human life? '(pg203) Another part that seemed to really bother Harriet was that he was using his atheism as an excuse, to why he believes the things he does. I applude Harriet for determind and level-headed while dealing with such a politely stubborn man. c) Singer 's comments are simply naive assumptions of which he truly has no background knowledge or experience. Even though he is paid to share such an ignorant belief with his students. Harriet believes that it is her lifes mission to combat that by spreading not only her voice but the voice
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