Peter Singer: Ethics, Moral And Ethical Values

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With an overwhelming stream of information floating around us every day, it became very hard to filter and form the right understanding of what is really happening, but what is even harder is to keep proper moral and ethical values. Many famous authors have put their word in such eternal discussion about what is right and what is wrong and Peter Singer is one of them. Singer is a moral theorist, who mainly focuses on spreading ethics in his works. Singer bases key propositions on his own perspective of values; hence, to understand Singer’s points and following arguments we must acknowledge his definitions of ethics and morality. Hahn defines those values as “ethics, also called moral philosophy, is the discipline concerned with what is morally good and bad, right and wrong. The term is also applied to any system or theory of moral values or principles.” (Abboud, A.J., 2008) Ethics is about our way of living and making decisions.…show more content…
Throughout his works, Peter Singer tried to tell us that It doesn’t matter what has happened to people, whether they are seeking asylum or request medical or food assistance we have our duty to assist them. To prevent something similar from happening in future, or to cure current crisis we need to rethink our internal values and decide, what is really important, a pair of new stylish shoes, or a saved life. Because of wrong set priorities, people tend to be selfish when it comes to such things which lead to wrong decisions and later on snowballs to more global problems. “If the circle of ethics really does expand, and a higher ethical consciousness spreads, it will fundamentally change the society in which we live. (Peter Singer,
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