Peter Singer Famine Analysis

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Moral obligations are not based on one single platform since they differ within every community. Every community has their own necessities and what may seem to be a moral obligation to one may not be to another. Despite the differences, every individual has the power to make a positive transformation in and outside of their geographical location. As indicated by the philosopher Peter Singer, every individual has a set of moral obligations to live by in respect to famine. Famine is the topic discussed by Singer to bring upon his argument and mention that starvation and poverty are substandard. Singer contends that if we have the power to prevent menacing situations from happening, henceforth being a famine, without risking anything, our moral…show more content…
We think that these problems will forever go away if we choose to pay no attention to them and over time wait for the issues to worsen. We live in an economy where wealth distribution is not equal as some earn more than others. This makes makes it harder for everyone to donate a portion of their earnings to life changing charities around the globe. However, we never contemplate on buying a new expensive phone or a pair of branded shoes even though we see ourselves not affording it. I find that the points made by Singer are plausible because we live in a free market and command economy that does not allow us to justify our actions. As consumers, we spend so much money buying the latest trends despite our economic backgrounds. If we instead utilized the money on helping those who suffer from famine circumstances, the number of Bengals suffering from poverty will minimize. Some may say that issues in East Bengal is not of our concern and we should ignore the issue. We have the tendency to only care when it affects us personally. I find that this is a common thread for those who seek to feel less guilt about not abiding existing moral
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