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Morality is one of the most fascinating aspects of humanity. It is often treated as the one trait that ultimately makes us superior to animals, and yet there is no agreed-upon single moral code. Questions of morality always lead to heated debates and passionate discussions, because every individual has their own values and ethics. Controversy often arises when the topic of the debate concerns inequality and injustice, such as between the rich and the poor. Recently, this type of discussion emerged because of a philosopher called Peter Singer, and book he published. In this paper, I will agree with Singer and argue that in order to live a moral life, one should donate funds to aid agencies, however only when the means are comfortably available.

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Morality is not a binary, it’s a spectrum. There’s no “all or nothing” of being a good person: instead, there are degrees, and falling closer to the middle of the spectrum is actually far more common than resting at either extreme. When Singer proposes to donate until “the point where if you give any more, you will be sacrificing something nearly as important” (Singer 18), he is suggesting a lifestyle that exists completely at the moral extreme; and, when he states that it is wrong to do otherwise, he places anyone who disagrees with him at the immoral extreme. These extremes exist as a frame for ethics, but realistically it’s impossible to spend one’s entire life there without burning out. Real life obstacles get in the way of being saint-like, such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc., sometimes to the point where even if one could still give more in theory, doing so in actuality would cause them to crack. So, while I believe it’s important to bear these extremes in mind as something to strive for, I do not think it is immoral to rest somewhere in the

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