Peter Singer on Equality

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In recent years a lot of suppressed groups have worked in an organized and active way towards one particular goal: equality. The typical example is the Black Liberation movement, which insisted on putting an end to the prejudice and discrimination that has made them inferior to other people. The instant call of the black liberation movement and its success became an ideal for other oppressed groups to go after. During the time other movements started to develop, putting the focus on such issues as gay, women’s and African-American rights. Peter Singer gave a start to animal rights movement, paying particular attention to how in former time “permissible” types of discrimination and prejudice came to be seen as unjustly and dishonestly bias towards specific set of people and that the hour has come for a much the same dedication to the moral and legal entitlement of species that walk on four legs instead of two. Singer starts his argument by supposing that the ‘principle of equality’ or ‘principle of equal consideration of interests’ is a basic moral principle, which implies treating the interests of all people as equally significant in spite of gender, color, or sexual orientation. Then he puts forward the idea that we should ‘reinterpret’ the theory of equality so that it relate not only just to all human being but also to all sentient beings, by which he refers to all beings that have the ability to suffer or enjoy happiness. Suffering is immoral, so we should stop
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