Peter Singer 's And Onora O ' Neill 's Essay

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Philosophers, Peter Singer’s and Onora O’Neill’s attempt to draw connection between poverty and moral philosophy and how aid should be directed towards groups in absolute poverty. The aim of this paper is to provide an extensive analysis on the work of both the philosophers’ while outlining some of the limitations each of the theories has. Peter Singer is an Australian philosopher who has written extensively on poverty and social issues. Peter Singer states that “giving to charity” or neither charitable nor generous; it is individuals duty and not giving would be considered wrong. In his work he presented arguments on Why is it considered our duty to give? Poverty is a result of absence of basic needs; food, shelter and medical care. If we are in a position to help an individual who is suffering, without sacrificing anything of moral importance we should help the individual. Singer used the child drowning on shallow pond story to illustrate his viewpoint. Many individuals have criticized the simplistic nature of the example and it’s discussed towards the end of the paper. Example is as follows, Assume you are walking past a shallow pond and discover a child drowning in it; you ought pull the child out. This may ruin the cloths or delay you from your commitments however that would be insignificant if you compare of losing the life of the child. Application of the same example to a more global perspective of poverty, if we can reduce avoidable death of 400 million people
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