Peter Stone Vs Maury Yeston

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What really happened inside the Titanic as it was sinking? As our curious minds wander for the conclusion, Peter Stone and Maury Yeston present us with an eye-catching and tragic story. Peter Stone, book writer for the musical, develops an interesting plot while Maury Yeston, musical writer, takes the plot to another dimension. We will never know what really happened inside of the Titanic as it was sinking; the panic stricken passengers, the overwhelmed families, and the obligation to protect those you love, but Peter Stone, along with director, Courtney Young, execute the presentation of this tragic story in a thorough manner. The cast is able to change your ideal expectations of the Titanic, despite the fact that it feels like the musical…show more content…
It is understandable that more than just a lively set and talented cast is not all that’s needed to make this place entertaining, however, the use of a smoke machine throughout the play was not the best idea. When watching the play from one of the last rows, it is easy to see the people below you trying to fan the smoke out of their face just to see a glimpse of the cast on stage. Even when sitting in the last row, the smoke reaches you, rather than a majority of it going on the stage where it is intended to cover. Not only that, but the coughing it made it difficult to hear what was really happening on the stage. It caused a slight distraction for a few moments for everyone inside of the theatre. Another problem that occurred throughout the musical was a fuzzy microphone. It noticeably affected the audience, and some of the cast as well. Throughout the play, this occurred a few times. This made it difficult to hear what the cast was trying to…show more content…
Despite minor flaws, the performance pieced together well due to and amazing cast, set, and costumes. Without this, the musical would have seemed a little dull because the plot wasn't the most interesting. Many of the musical numbers are filled talented singers that enable you to feel as if you are inside of the Titanic yourself, however, the musical numbers lack the capability of leaving one with the tragic feeling that is expected by the end of the performance. The much anticipated climax comes up short and can leave you wanting more. Overall, the performance really takes you into another
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