Peter The Great : A Successful Ruler Who Changed Russia Into A Dominant Power

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Peter Alexeyevich or as he is best known as, Peter the Great, is recognized from history as a very successful ruler who drastically changed Russia into a dominant power. Not only was Russia a large, almighty country with a strenuous character, Russia was from his reign on forth European. This transformation into a European Russian state was used to proclaim and emphasize the advancements, civility, and grandness Russia was and had become. Russia was no longer barbaric; it was a place of equivalence with the Western European countries, of envy, and as mentioned previously, grandeur. Peter the Great was generally very highly esteemed and as stated by John M. Thompson was known as being, “Determined to make Russia stronger and better, he…show more content…
Their ideas and ideals were known throughout and depending on how the people viewed them themselves, their ideas may have much more easily swayed and stuck with the public. Their views on Peter the Great were therefore easily exerted out to the people and these views depended highly on their relation to Peter and what they themselves heard of him. This is how Peter throughout these empresses’ rulings became more than a past ruler, he became a legacy of some sort. Empress Anna Ioannovna ruled from the early to nearly-mid 1700s, she was known to be rather fat, ugly, and have an unlikable personality. She was very crude but largely due to her childhood and even her life during adulthood. Her mother had a distaste towards her, “It seemed that the mere appearance of her awkward, unattractive daughter spoiled Praskovia’s mood” (Anisimov 65). In regards to Peter the Great, she was his neice, and his mentally-ill brothers’ daughter. One of the very first major things that Peter did towards Anna was make her along with her mother and sisters move to St. Petersburg – a very dreary, cold place that paled in comparison to Moscow where she originally lived. Living in St. Petersburg she was very unhappy and being that Anna was very ugly and her personality not being the greatest, finding someone to marry her off to was difficult and she was therefore much more unhappy. But, Peter (to his benefit) came to the
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