Peter The Mastectomy

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The play began in the living room of Ann and Peter’s apartment. Ann and Peter are married and have two daughters in which they were never present. Peter is a book editor and spends most of this time dwelled in his work than his family. In the play, Ann and Peter began to have a conversation about issues in their lives and marriage. For instance, Ann having trouble to sleep at night. Ann tells Peter that she wakes up in the middle of the night and leaves the bedroom while he is sleeping. Peter then informs her that he knows she wakes up and leaves the room. Ann questions Peter why he has never asked her where she goes in the middle of the night and becomes upset. Moreover, she started telling Peter about her thoughts of getting a mastectomy…show more content…
Ann then reminded Peter that it was a thought. She told him that that thought came to her after her mother told her she had decided to have an affair. Peter started to think that Ann might also want to have an affair. Peter starts to question her and vice versa about any intentions of an affair and both admit that they did not. Ann and Peter then started to discuss other issues they had. For instance, their marriage. Ann expressed that Peter does not love her the way she wants him to lover her. She then started to tell Peter that it is frightening for her that their marriage is “pleasant voyage on a calm sea”. Then she reveals she is referring to their sex life. Ann complimented Peter for his excellence in making love, subsequently, telling him that he was horrible at intense, spontaneous, wild, and rough sex. Peter then tells Ann that when he was in college, he hooked up with a girl who asked for rough sex in which he lost control and seriously hurt the girl. After Peter’s story, Ann explained to him that she does not want painful sex but being animals in bed. At the end, she slaps Peter and kisses him subsequently saying she wants I little chaos in their perfect lives. Peter then leaves…show more content…
While peter was reading a book, a stranger named Jerry approaches him. Jerry started to rumble that he has been to the zoo. Jerry then captures Peter attention and began to talk. Jerry then started to question Peter about his home and work life. Furthermore, Jerry tells Peter about his experience, where he lives and his relationships. After, Jerry tells a story about a dog. In the apartment where Jerry live, there is a dog that hates Jerry. Jerry has tried many ways to win the dog over with kindness. He would go to a burger joint and buy a hamburger to feed the dog. He did this for few days. After the dog was finished eating, he would start to attack Jerry. Jerry then got tired and decided to kill the dog. He purchased a hamburger and rat poison to kill the dog. He fed it to the dog and the dog became very sick. The dog surprisingly did not die and recovered. The dog then never attacked Jerry again. Jerry then realizes he loves the dog and that the dog is his only friend. Peter then attempts to leave however, Jerry started to tickle and persuades him to listen to another story. After few more stories, Jerry becomes out of hand and starts to push, poke, and hit Peter of the bench. Both started to fight for the bench. Moreover, Jerry takes out a knife and tosses it to Peter to be even. Peter refuses to fight him with the knife. However, when Jerry got out of control and charged Peter, Peter got the knife and impaled jerry. Jerry and Peter started to
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