Peter's Big Preacher

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Peter is simply saying that what God does for one; He does for all. He makes no distinction. He does not favor a rich man’s wealth or the poor man’s poverty. The wise man’s wisdom or the otherwise man’s lack of wisdom mean nothing to God.
I well remember two men who lived in our part of the county when I was a boy. One was rich (at least we thought he was) and the other was a share-cropper. One day the rich man drove by in a new automobile and the other said, “There goes a dishonest man.” And he may have been; I don’t know, but the idea was, “I’m honest and I don’t have a new automobile and so that means that he is dishonest.” But that is not necessarily so.
I also remember preachers who would almost drip with piousness as they said, “The poor heard Him gladly.” Now, if there is any virtue in
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But anything I have done that is wrong, I’m ashamed of it. I’m sorry for it. I’ve gotten forgiveness. And I intend to forgive myself and I don’t intend to go around telling it.
Anyway, every preacher is somebody’s “Big Preacher.” Now, just suppose there are some young people here and I am their big preacher and I get up here and tell about all the bad stuff I used to do. What idea do they get psychology? They get the impression that they must be what I was in order to be what I am, and that is not so.
That is why good people sit in a pew or stand, while we sing and never respond; people who know the will of God. They think they have to be bad in order to be saved.
But Cornelius was a good man. He was as good as you are. He was devout, prayed to God always, gave much alms to the people, very generous, but he wasn’t saved.
Because Jesus said, “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.”(Mark 16:16) And he hadn’t done that.
Oh, he had been good and a child of God must be good. He had done a lot of good and a child of God must do good things, but you can’t even become a child of God until you do what Jesus
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