Petraeus Drug Wars Case Study

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It is not enough to understand that the surge and Petraeus’s strategy were effective; policymakers must be able to comprehend why they were effective, that way these strategies and lessons are properly put into action in the future. I will explain why they were effective by comparing and contrasting the situation in Iraq before and after February, 2007 (when Petraeus took command and the additional troops started arriving) and establishing the causal relationships between the new strategy and the decline in violence and that between the troop surge and the decline in violence. Furthermore, I will address the arguments put forth by those who do not believe the surge or Petraeus’s strategy were the main factors that caused violence in Iraq to fall precipitously.
If I had the ability to do so I would conduct an experiment using four separate insurgencies to test the effectiveness of the
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The insurgencies I would choose would be of roughly equal strength and be operating under nearly equal conditions within their respective countries. The first insurgent group, I0, would have neither Petraeus’s counterinsurgency doctrine nor the surge applied to it. I0 would be the control group. The second insurgent group, I1, would be dealt with using the surge strategy. I1 would be the experimental group for measuring the effectiveness of the surge. The third insurgent group, I2, would be the experimental group for Petraeus’s counterinsurgency doctrine. The counterinsurgent forces fighting against I2 would be under the command of General Petraeus, who would be implementing his counterinsurgency doctrine. The fourth insurgent group, I3, would be confronted by counterinsurgent forces using the surge strategy and led by General Petraeus, who would again be executing his
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