Petrarch 's Sonnet 1 Of Rime Essay

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Petrarch’s Sonnet 1 of Rime Sparse initially appears to be a stream-of-consciousness and from-the-heart proclamation of his suffering and distress as a result of an unrequited love. However, upon further inspection it is clear that this emotion is intentionally incorporated into the poem in order to further Petrarch’s poetic career and demonstrate his poetic prowess. On the other hand, Gaspara Stampa boldly plays off of Petrarch’s Sonnet 1 in her Sonnet 1 of Rime, not only improve her poetic career and notoriety, but also to elevate her social status. Although certainly a tribute to Petrarch’s Sonnet 1, Stampa’s Sonnet 1 contains several important distinctions, which create vibrant contrasts between the two sonnets that denote the mechanisms with which each poet seeks or demonstrates poetic respect and prominence. Both Petrarch and Stampa call to the reader in the first line; however, Petrarch mentions that his rhymes are “scattered” to convince the reader that his Sonnet is unadulterated and from the heart, whereas Stampa’s are troubled and so sublime that they will cause her to become famous. Further, Petrarch implements the idea of a temporal disparity between his past laments and the present time so that he can apply some distance and detachment between himself and the “scattered” rhymes of “his first youthful error” (Petrarch 2). Stampa, instead, fails to mention a separation from her laments as a way of presenting their ongoing and present nature. In addition to
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