Petrarch's Rime

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I agree, the ship in Petrarch’s poem 189 from Rime is a symbol. The ship can also symbolize the speaker’s breakable soul. In lines 1-3, it states, “My galley charged with forgetfulness Thorough sharp seas, in winter nights doth pass Tween rock and rock; and eke mine enemy Tween rock and rock; and eke,”(1-3). In these lines, it showed the speaker’s uncontrollable feelings of gloominess, as he loses his strength to fight because of his worldly desires. The Speaker faced with perishable times, due to his renounced rejection of his religion and God. The speaker declined to accept God back into his life, resulting in God resuming control of his life. God allowed him to face the rocky seas in his life, as a deterrent to give up his worldly ways.
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