Petrobras Essay

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Petrobras is a huge oil company in Sao Paulo, Brazil that had a very successful year in 2015. Petrobras success in the year of 2015 was so great that it surpassed their actual target for that year. Another success was that they broke history with having the largest annual average of any competitors. What is intensely captivating about this success is that the scale of this operation is huge. It allows the production of the company to realize that what they are doing is right and then to continue with it. Petrobras president gave away the secret to what makes his business successful in a press release, which could now help other businesses like his own. There were large scale changes that were made in 2014 to formulate success for 2015. The different levels of production and management credit different zones for the success. Good management in every sector is what allowed for the company to be prosperous; every segment is doing something right. Aldemir Bendine the president of Petrobras has credited the company’s success to the accurate investments, like the projects in production. Some percentages that were something to mention were the 4.6% of petroleum production increase from the year before. This percentage was even more than their forecast for 2015-2019.…show more content…
Petrobra has flown under the radar for a long time, but now they are noticed and have become a bigger competitor. While they may have been struggling to meet their target for many years, their competitors were facing the same obstacles. Everyone in the higher management seems to credit different functions of the operation in the business for their success. This is a good thing in my opinion because they notice that there are a lot of effective segments that deserve to be proclaimed. Having a thought out plan of operation and high-tech machinery helped lead to a prosperous year in 2015
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