Petroleum: An American Addiction

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America the beautiful, land of the greed and the home of oil. Along with being a major superpower comes an insurmountable thirst for fossil fuels. Imperialist ideals and the corporate oil empire can bring stability and jobs but heavy costs also arise. Numerous solutions have been tried, but without fixing the underlying problem more issues are inevitable. Our over-consumption has an incredible effect on our reliance on foreign oil. OPEC, the Organization of the Oil Producing Countries, has supplied Americans with a constant flow of both oil and jobs. Nevertheless, progression comes with high cost to our environment, in addition to pulling us into international involvements. Increasing the United States’ domestic oil production was just a …show more content…
Our limitless craving for oil has caused an economic squeeze throughout America.

Strength comes in numbers, Standard Oil sings to the tune of $1 trillion in profit. From the United States’ help in growing the petroleum industry came a helping hand during the crippling recession. Many experts have agreed upon the need for imports of oil. Blanche claims "That control has kept together OPEC--one of the longest lasting cartels in economic history--and has maintained some degree of stability through a succession of wars and economic crises.” (Blanche, Ed.32+). Without the revenue created by the oil empire our economy would still be starved. OPEC can have a large influence on an economy, with it on your side a more swift recovery can be reached.
With treasure comes tragedies. The capturing and moving of massive amounts of crude oil brings the overwhelming odds of accidents and disasters. Consumers tend to look around the damage and just see it as a necessary evil and not as a problem. Zoe Tryon, an environmental campaigner explained a disaster in Ecuador, 'To put this in perspective,' 'that's around 146 times the amount spilled during BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster and 3,000 times the amount spilled by the Exxon Valdez.(Kendall, Clare 12+)’. The tragic reality of this is that America has done this many times. Poisoning a country by corrupting the minds of the unstable government along with killing civilians with toxic spills. America’s need for oil is remediated
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