Petroleum Engineering

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close look at my Resume will indicate that I majored in the exploitation of oil and gas fields in my undergraduate program and specialized in petroleum engineering, a similar specialty, in my Master’s program. It may well be asked why I maintain such a close affinity with petroleum. The answer is simple and straightforward—because I was born and I grew up on an oil field and I have cherished a deep love for all that it represent. Even as a child, I had a habit of watching for hours how beam-pumping units, standing as if like a miniature forest, worked, indulging myself in all kinds of fantasies and reflections about the mysterious reservoir underground with great curiosity. I imagined that someday I would be able to unveil its mysteries.…show more content…
The thesis solved the problem of the discretization of the thermodynamic equation by the numerical interpolation method. Based on this, I compiled the numerical simulation software and worked out two major problems, that of selecting the most efficient electrical cable or the electrical heating rod in order to save energy, and that of providing a foundation for the numerical simulation of heavy oil reservoir by calculating the temperature distribution in the surrounding areas of the wellbore. This software has been put into wide application in China’s two major oil fields—Qinghai Oil Field and Liaohe Oil Field. Similarly, my thesis for the Master’s program, The Simulation and Modeling about the Effect of Side-Tracked Horizontal Well and Created Fracture Used for Developing the Remaining Oil of the Top Part of the Thick Oil Layer, explored how the remaining oil in the top part of the thick oil layer can be fully exploited by means of side-tracking in the horizontal well and hydraulic fracturing of the upper parts of oil layers. In this thesis, I compiled numerical simulation software with more than 8000 lines of source codes. A scheme of numerical simulation input parameters was designed based on cross experimental design method, which realized the simultaneous optimization of multiple construction parameter variables. Since its application in Daqing Oil Field, the first major oil field in China, this software has been highly
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