Petruchio Character Analysis

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Lust, wealth, and pride are undoubtedly insatiable. They are an impetus that drives one to embark on a challenging quest. However, when individuals become obsessed with them, they may even turn them into a villain. In William Shakespeare’s The Taming Of The Shrew, Petruchio is the villain that has all these insatiable curiosities. A male chauvinist, he is a boisterous nobleman from Verona who pursues Katherine even though he knows that she is fiery and obnoxious. Despite her notoriety, he is not deterred by her egregious disposition because what he wants is her dowry. By being manipulative, corrupt, and audacious, Petruchio is able to win Katherine’s heart as well as her wealth.

Petruchio is able to get closer and make Katherine’s heart
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ii. 53-62). By analyzing this dialogue, it becomes apparent that Petruchio only cares about wealth and power, no matter how shrewish and unattractive his future wife may be. Further evidence that proves that Petruchio only cares about Katherine’s dowry is during the wedding feast, Petruchio announces: “‘Gentlemen and friends, I thank you for you I know you think to dine with me today And have prepared great store of wedding cheer, But so it is, my haste doth call me hence, And therefore here I mean to take my leave’” (III ii 157-161). This seals the fact that Petruchio does not love Katherine at all, as clearly, there are seemingly more important things to him than celebrating his own marriage. Hence, Petruchio’s corruption for wealth is the only factor that drives him to marry Katherine, as he doesn’t actually care about Katherine herself.

Finally, the reason why Petruchio is able to complete his plans is because of his audacious nature. His unrefined personality allows him to speak freely and ask disrespectful questions in order to deceive people and grasp the situation at hand. This is evident when Petruchio bluntly asks Baptista: “‘Then tell me, if I get your daughter’s love, What dowry shall I have with her
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