Pets Influencing the Purchasing Decision of the Consumer

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The work is trying to probe into the question that weather Pets play any role in influencing the decision of consumer or at least this could become the possible field for investigation. So this article is just trying to establish question for further research in the concerned matter and help in establishing the hypothesis by researchers in the field of marketing management.
Idea generation for this work initiated after going through several Articles talking about Pets especially dog and human relations, some of them were as follows:
“Dogs Think Similarly to Young Children and Can Learn Words, Counting Skills and More” Article Source: Wednesday, February 10, 2010 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer Tags:animalintelligence,dogs,healthnewsLearnmore:
How well do dogs understand language? Why can't Rover read? Can you teach on old dog new tricks? How smart is your dog? Psychologist Stanley Coren answers these questions and many more in his enlightening books for dog owners, potential dog owners, and anyone who loves a good dog story Article source:
Dogs pop down to the shops: A dog owner in China has trained his two terriers to do his shopping. Article source:
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