Pew Global Immigration Survey Report

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The Pew Global Attitudes Project conducted a survey in 2007 and established that most people are concerned about immigration that comes with globalization, as it was shown in their article of "World Public Welcome Globalization Trade - But Not Immigration". As the article indicates, the public is concerned with the fact that immigrants bring other traditions and religions which could raise a conflict in the American society. Furthermore, those foreigners could cause threats, injustice and the withdrawal of the economic status. Indeed, I agree with the fact that globalization can affect our economy and culture as it was found by this survey. In particular, the article shows how people are being conflicted about the globalization nowadays, as it has benefited the world's economy."In all 47 nations included in the survey, large majorities believe that international trade is benefiting their country" (177).…show more content…
As an illustration, in Jordan many Syrian refugees were crossing the borders illegally every day. According to website the United Nations had registered 619,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, with over 80,000 registered in the refugee camps. That tremendous amount of immigrants coming all at once has of course negative effects. That is specifically shown on that website covered by the title of Syrian refugees in Jordan: a reality check, saying "Further political and economic deterioration may follow as the number of refugees is simply too great for Jordan to deal with". By the same token, Alexandra Francis, a junior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Nuclear Policy Program in 2012–2013, supports that as well in her paper of Jordan’s Refugee Crisis saying "The Syrian refugees have stressed economic and resource infrastructure in Jordan, which was already suffering from structural issues before the refugee
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