Peyton Manning Case Study

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Peyton Manning hangs up his cleats and will go down as one of the greatest players to ever play in the NFL, if not the greatest. The sheriff revolutionized the quarterback position and will always be remembered for his great work on and off the field. Here is the first part of the 15 things we will miss about Peyton Manning. Number 15 – Beating the Patriots Though Tom Brady have an 11 and 6 all-time record against Peyton Manning, the fact remains that the sheriff beat him when it mattered most. In their final three playoff matchups, Manning sent home Brady and the Pats every time. sorry Patriots fans but most of America rejoice seeing the sheriff outdueled Pats. Number 14 - Peyton Manning and Marketing Peyton Manning had great ways of marketing. Following his Super Bowl 50 victory, he said he would drink lots of Budweiser. His way of promoting Papa John’s off the field was also great. He just found ways to endorse products. And the best part, he probably improvised it all.…show more content…
As much as we hated to see him lose or throw an interception it still was funny the way he reacted. The Manning face was one of the funniest things to see in sports. If you’re going to lose, why not provide some form of humor to your fans? Number 12 - In the Manning
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