Peyton Rose Salter Character Analysis

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Peyton Rose Salter has been a wild heart since the very start. She’s a gentle, fun-loving brunette who loves living on the country side with her family. She’s your average fourteen year old who attends Lincoln High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is currently a freshmen and started the school year off amazingly with her grades and social status. "Peyton… Peyton!" screams Charlotte, Peyton's best friend since kindergarten. "Oh, sorry I was just" "Don’t tell me you were day dreaming about Parker again" "Of course not" "OMG you're so in love with him" Since sixth grade, Peyton has always had eyes for this smart yet conceited jock, Parker Evens (her older sister’s best friend’s young brother). Parker is in the same grade as Peyton and is always caught with basketball. Peyton and Charlotte are accompanied by Jacob and Jack at the lunch table. Jacob and Jack have been also close to Peyton since elementary school.…show more content…
The clique first goes to Defy Gravity to jump on trampolines. This would help release her anger because doing gymnastics is her peaceful place. Next they went paintball shooting. Peyton was able to get all her anger out by fake shooting others. Next, the clique goes down to a grill where they have a game room. They play darts for hours and on the board was a picture of Parker. Every time Peyton got a bullseye, they celebrated with root beer floats. After the games, they go to their school and trash everything that involves Parker. From his locker to the trophy case, Peyton is forced to spray paint and wreck with a hammer all items of his. This helps get the anger out physically. They end the day back at Peyton's house by burning all memories of Parker. From pictures to stuffed animals, the smell of Parker is spread through the air. They end the night with s'mores and a funny roast session of Parker. This made Peyton a little better and helped her realize that she's stronger without

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