Peyton's Monologue

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Every week I am blessed with the presence of my one year old niece, Peyton. Each visit is even more exciting than the last, and each day she learns something new. Peyton cannot speak fluently yet, therefore she is also lacking certain knowledge about which adults and older children are aware. Such knowledge includes whether objects are comestible or not, which makes for quite an interesting experience. Any individual that has taken care of a toddler is aware of the amount of focus that must constantly remain on the child to prevent accidents. A major accident may occur due to the child’s misconception of an object that is comestible, and one that is not. When I was young everything was fair game, from rocks and marbles to just about…show more content…
Regrettably, I realized this due to Peyton’s trial-and-error method of analyzing these objects with her mouth. The first issue occurred when Peyton waddled over towards a bin containing spare change. I was not paying much attention to her exploration until I witnessed her closed palm moving in an ‘oh so familiar way’ towards her mouth. Clearly Peyton had found an object of interest that she intended on tasting. Sadly, her item of choice was a dirty, old, penny that was forcibly removed from her mouth immediately. This is one of many objects that Peyton will now hopefully classify as not…show more content…
Peyton ventured around the room as usual, exploring and touching anything within her reach. For a toddler, anything on the floor is, of course, ‘fair game’ including the dog bowl. I was not too concerned because my father was seated at the table near the dog bowl and would prevent Peyton from getting into the food. Sadly again, she chose to grab a handful of dog food and toss it into her mouth. Now I cannot lie, I have heard stories of dog food being a popular choice of toddlers, but overall dog food is also not a comestible item for toddlers to consume. This small little detail did not seem to faze Peyton seeing as she seemed to enjoy the dog food quite a lot, and even went back to try
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