Pfizer Analysis Essay

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Pfizer is the largest American pharmaceutical company and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. It competes with Merck and Glaxo, and markets such well-known medications as Celebrex and Viagra. However, the pharmaceutical industry as a whole has undergone changes in recent years with significant consolidation taking place and with increased scrutiny regarding the ways in which drugs are developed, tested and marketed. In addition, recent controversies have erupted regarding Merck's drug Vioxx, and Pfizer has been the target of unwanted publicity regarding its painkiller Celebrex. This research considers the strategic position of Pfizer, including its strengths and weaknesses as well
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This may put pressure on the company to attempt acquisitions at a time when the company is ill-equipped to integrate a new company into its organization, and it is engaged in a cost-cutting program at a time when it may need to invest even more in research and development (McTigue Pierce, 2005).
New opportunities always exist in the healthcare industry, and Pfizer can be well-positioned to take advantage of these opportunities. It recently acquired Vicuron Pharmaceuticals which gave it instant access to that company's two major antibiotics. In addition, the company's pipeline includes inhalable insulin—likely to be a popular alternative to the injectable form. The company also continues to actively support its over-the-counter mouthwash—Listerine—classified as a "drug" because of its antiseptic properties (McTigue Pierce, 2005).
Threats to Pfizer's competitive edge come primarily from the products that it offers. Celebrex faces challenges not from other competitors, but from challenges to its safety. Celebrex generates more than $3.3 billion for the company, and having the drug pulled from the market or restricted would have a significant effect on Pfizer's ability to compete. The company also faces challenges to its cholesterol-reducing drug Lipitor. Lipitor is estimated to be worth $10 billion to the company, but there are two patent cases against Lipitor which could affect the company's fortunes, as well. In addition,
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