Pfizer Animal Health Essay

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Pfizer entered the animal health industry in the early 1950’s. Today, Pfizer Animal Health products are sold to veterinarians, livestock producers, and horse and pet owners in more than 140 countries around the world and used in more than 30 species. Pfizer Animal Health is committed to providing high-quality, research-based health products for livestock and companion animals. The company continues to invest more in research and development than any other animal health company. This offers opportunities for substantial growth and internal synergy. Pfizer has more new animal health products in its research pipeline today than at any other time in its history. Their products include anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, and anti-parasitic …show more content…
Pfizer is dedicated to remaining a research based animal health organization. They have progressively increased their investment in animal health research setting a new industry standard for commitment to product development. Continuing to make new product development a priority will ensure that new drug discovery programs will be in place to fill the pipeline with products for a broad range of disease categories. Scientists are deployed in Pfizer’s research centers worldwide, working side by side with researchers in human health, sharing the latest equipment, insights and breakthroughs. Customers are consulted throughout the development process to ensure that their needs are met.

As mentioned earlier, the Pfizer sales force leads the industry not just in size, but in providing personalized support and superior service. The Pfizer quality pledge includes not only products, but also all of their services and interactions with the customer. All of Pfizer’s representatives are trained in immunology, pharmacology, microbiology, and the science behind each product. They are also trained and equipped to understand and add value to each customers individual business. This personalized and dependable service sets Pfizer apart from the competition.

Pfizer technical service veterinarians and nutritionists are committed to help provide solutions to animal health problems and assure effective use of Pfizer
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