Pfizer Case Study

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Pfizer, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, owned by CEO Ian C. Read has proven itself to be a controversial company as it headlines one of America’s largest industry. Making a huge revenue of over fifty billion dollars a year, the company dominates its industry here in the United States, second to none. Taken over in 2010 by Ian C. Read, the company has only grown and they continue to do that throughout 2017. Their journey to the top really began in 2000 when the company made their first major merge. Pfizer merged with Warner-Lambert, another company in the industry. 3 Years after that, Pfizer merged with Pharmacia and then in 2009 Wyeth. These three transactions made by Pfizer led them to skyrocket to the top of the food chain. With the company being so profitable in a controversial industry, Pfizer is often subject to various disputes and negative feelings toward the company. Pfizer has dealt with numerous lawsuits and have even been responsible for the deaths of many users who have used their products. Ian C. Read and Pfizer are “Robber Barons” due to these reasons. Pfizer has dealt with many lawsuits, including trials over the death of patients. In 1996, the Nigerian government sued Pfizer after children in Kano, Nigeria were given antibiotics to treat the worst meningitis outbreak in the area in history. The Nigerian government claims that the parents of the children weren’t aware that their kids were being given medicine and that it was

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