Pfizer Consumer Healthcare: Business Overview

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Patent protection for products
Effective Supply Chain
Profitable Organization with growth potential -Earnings Before Tax and Interest (EBIT)
$18,684 as of 31st Dec, 2012
$15,755 as of 31st Dec, 2011
$11,212 as of 31st Dec, 2010
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
Supply Chain Management
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare tThe Goals:
Creating a Supply Chain Replenishment Model
Enhance Traceability
Improve Service Level
Inventory Turnover
Increasing Visibility
Distribution / Logistics team coordination with Company and Global Sites
Supply Chain Planning coordinates with Sales & Marketing
Long range Planning: Use of Mathematical Optimization Technology
(Evaluate Distribution Network to Create best origin and destination routes)
Procurement Team: manages Purchase of raw materials, Substances, operation supplies.
Fulfillment Management System: Supply of raw materials for over 50 manufacturing sites.
Supply Chain Coordination
Identification & Description of Internal Function
Pfizer Consumer Healthcare
RFIDs can increase the chances of identifying Counterfeit…
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