Pfizer Operation in Bangladesh

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Introduction: We have selected pharmaceuticals industry to invest as a foreign company. Bangladeshi industry in this sector is quite developed. For the last ten years, Bangladesh is exporting medicine to various countries. The reason is that still now, the tax and restrictions of laws are not those much strict in this sector. Though these weaker restrictions are causing some problems, government is trying to help to develop this sector providing various supports. We have selected this industry because we have seen some opportunity in this sector to be invested. To be honest, Bangladesh is not a very investment friendly country. Many foreign companies and not agreed to invest here as there are so many problems like crooked authority, lack…show more content…
* Export Policy: Pharmaceuticals have gradually evolved from an import-based industry to a self-manufacturing one exporting to 70 countries with a market size of over $750 million. Foreign investments either in the form of joint ventures with Bangladeshi companies or other partnerships whereby research and development is run in laboratories in India with complementing manufacturing plants in Bangladesh should be welcomed. These companies could utilize the competitively priced labor in Bangladesh and use cost advantages to capture the export market. Since Bangladesh has received exemption from Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights till 2016, manufacturers' ability to continue to produce pharmaceuticals products till the expiry of the exemption period increases the incentives greatly. We must ensure maximum use of local raw materials in the production of export goods and encouraging establishment of backward linkage industries. We will take necessary steps to assist procurement of raw materials by the export-oriented industries at world price. Political stability: Political conflict in Bangladesh has led to corruption, poverty and severe problems in the whole system. The country is facing increasing instability. A political power vacuum is being filled by radical Islamists, posing a threat to the secular-democratic system. But the

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