Pg. 118-128 . •There Are Many People Who Have Attempted

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Pg. 118-128
• There are many people who have attempted to change the outcome of Miranda, but Congress refutes every time. o One bad loophole that has been used is the use of bribery to have people admit to a crime that they would not usually ever commit.
• Many of the rights accused people have are now extended to cases that occur on the federal level: o Sixth Amendment- A constitutional amendment designed to protect individuals accused of crimes; it includes the right to counsel, the right to confront witnesses, and the right to a speedy and public trial. o As many other issues talked about in this section, this amendment has been challenged:
Gideon v. Wainwright- The 1963 Supreme Court decision holding that anyone accused of a …show more content…

 In fact, judges have lost power over the last few year since the people should decide if the criminal is worthy of mercy or not. o Additionally, this amendment guarantees that anyone who is initially accused must be brought to judge to hear their exact crime and acknowledge it.
• Issues over these protections ignited after the occurrence of the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11th. o In the name of national security, the FBI arrested uncountable amount of Arabs and Muslims until they were interrogated and cleared. o Even the Supreme Court tried to avoid a case about this just due to the effects this attack had on us as a nation.
• Similarly, President Bush took some prohibited actions within the early 2000’s. o After many people were imprisoned in Cuba under the United States Navy, the Supreme Court discovered that this was a legitimate issue. o The verdict was that the president was abusing his power as he did not receive Congress’ approval. o It also violated many warfare laws that were established after the end of World War II.
 Geneva Convention & Uniform Code of Military Justice
• In Addition, there are many more amendments that focused on crime related rights. o Cruel and Unusual punishment- Court sentences prohibited by the Eight Amendment; although the Supreme Court has ruled that mandatory death sentences for certain offenses are unconstitutional, it has not held

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