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PGD in November of 2004 in which they submitted it to the government in order to set specific restrictions on some practices which PGD can be used for. The guidelines are as follows; 1. Allows the procedure in clearly defined circumstances 2. Requires a case-by-case approval in other situations 3. Sensibly adopts an open definition of “serious” and puts in place a process for ascertaining that 4. Ensures high quality information is provided to those seeking PGD 5. Requires detailed genetic counselling processes to precede informed consent 6. Is clear about prohibited applications 7. Has provision for accreditation of and reporting by clinics 8. implies, through the genetic counselling process, informed consent, non-directive and non-judgmental information, and respect for the autonomy of parents in decision making. However we would prefer that these important principles are spelt our. We also have significant reservations about two provisions regarding the interests of third parties, stated as requirements in the patient information and genetic counselling sections. Sarah Alsamarai is a university student who conducted a research report on PGD. Although she shared her concerns she was overall for PGD. She said that PGD can be used as an effective tool to prevent the birth of a seriously ill child. Her opinion was that parents should have the right to use existing embryo screening tests to determine all possible characteristics of offspring. Unless a tangible harm to

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