Pglo Plasmase

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When trying to transfer several specific plasmids into a new host DNA, you need a way to check and see if the desired plasmids were combined to the DNA, that’s where there pGLO test comes in. By using an ultraviolet light, a person is able to immediately see if the new plasmids have been accepted into the bacteria by whether or not a bright green fluorescent light is emitting from the bacteria. So the process in how pGLO is expressed would be the plasmid itself is extracted from the A. Victoria, modified and inserted into bacteria with the three genes. The beta lactamase then comes first, to give it a resistant to the ampicillin antibiotics that would initially kill it. This then allowed the araC operon to take the arabinose and allow
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Then label each of them either pGLO positive and pGLO negative, depending on which one took the plasmid (4). Place both test tubes on micro-centrifuge on ice for ten minutes. Label the agar plates with three for pGLO positive and three for pGLO negative. Label the six agar plates with what they are, whether it is just LB, LB and ampicillin, or LB, ampicillin, and araC (4). There should be one for each positive and negative. After the ten minutes in the centrifuge has passed, take them out and place them in a forty two degrees Celsius heating block for fifty seconds. Once the fifty seconds have passed, transfer the tubes back to ice for two minutes. Take the micropipette and begin adding pGLO positive or pGLO negative to the correctly labeled plates. Once the pGLO is added to the agar, use the spreader to spread out the culture until it is dry on the agar plate. Make sure that before and after every use of the spreader that it is dipped in ethanol and sterilized with the Bunsen burner, to avoid contamination. Once all of the bacteria is dried onto the agar plates, use Para film to seal the agar cultures shut. Allow for it to incubate at thirty seven degrees Celsius for twenty four hours(4). After time has passed, check for growth and use an ultraviolet light to check
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