Phaedo by Plato

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People approach knowledge in different ways. Not many people have the same view on knowledge thus making it hard to grasp. Certain people are rationalist thinkers who regard reason as the chief source and test of knowledge. They believe knowledge comes from oneself which is based out of the mind. The truth is not based upon the sense rather on intellect and deductive reasoning. Contestants of this perspective on knowledge are called empiricists. People who practice this form of thinking conceive that knowledge is produced from sensory experiences. Empiricist see the importance of sensory experiences in order to provide answers about the natural world. Each view has their benefits and drawbacks but each play a vital role in the discussion about knowledge. The philosopher Plato is considered to be a rationalist thinker. In Plato’s Phaedo, he shows the reader that the five senses are not what one should rely on. The senses do not provide us with truth. One’s surroundings are constantly changing thus, their senses must change with them. For example, in the winter time one feels that it is cold out so one would not walk outside with a bathing suit on. In the summer one feels that the weather changed and it is now warm. Thus, one can wear a bathing suit. Since one’s surroundings are constantly changing and so are one’s senses, they are unreliable when it comes to discovering truth. Plato argues that the only way one’s sensory experiences can be corrected is through his Forms.
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