Pharaoh Amenemhat I Of The 12th Dynasty Of Egypt

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Pharaoh Amenemhat I of the 12th Dynasty of Egypt, had a trusted courtier by the name of Sinhue. Sinhue was well-known and loyal to the Pharaoh and his family. One day, Sinhue overheard a conversation between Pharaoh’s son, Senusert, and a carrier that Pharaoh was assassinated. “The Tale of Sinhue” is a poem that captures his adventure and ordeals after learning about Pharaoh’s death. Paralyzed from fear of Amenemhat I’s death, Sinhue fled Egypt. He wandered from place to place, getting further away from Egypt, until finally he showed up at the feet of Amunenshi, ruler of upper Egypt (128). Amunenshi knew of Sinhue’s reputation, and he told Sinhue he would do well under his rule and he would hear “the accents of Egypt” (128). Of course, Amunenshi
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