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The twenty-first century has seen pharmaceutical companies grow in unprecedented size and strength. Due to the unprecedented growth the larger pharmaceutical companies have gained leverage and power in the prescription drug industry, but they lack innovation to market and they seek ways to help the business continue to increase its profits. The pharmaceutical industry was once ethically sound and was a valuable player in the development of human health. However, overtime with the lack of innovation pharmaceutical companies are becoming an unethical market that exploits patients, doctors and anyone else it can to increase its profitability. With eyes only on profitability this can create a hazard for patients because there
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Regulations and Product Safety The Federal Food, Drug Administration is responsible for establishing the Code of Federal Regulations which outlines the rules and regulations governing pharmaceuticals. The rules are divided into sections and include guidance based on drug categories. Due to each person having varying reactions to pharmaceutical products not all side-effects are detected during clinical testing. The Federal Food, Drug Administration is responsible for sharing the information with consumers. However, it seems a bit unethical because the large pharmaceutical companies do not have to share all of side-effect information that may assist consumers in making its choice on whether to try a product or to not try a product. Through various survey’s it was discovered that consumers are under the opinion that pharmaceutical companies need to have improved internal controls to ensure their compliance with regulations. Due to physicians and pharmaceutical companies working together and are dependent on one another there needs to be controls in place that would have an unbiased view of the regulations. The government will need to continue introducing new regulations that will aide in monitoring the relationships.
Direct-To –Consumer Marketing Direct to consumer is a form of advertising that markets directly to consumers bypassing the distributor. In the mid 1980’s pharmaceutical

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