PharmaSim Project

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PharmaSim Project Notes / Tips / Questions / Ideas General Case Notes The objectives and goals of Allstar are to look for new opportunities in emerging market with support from healthy and growing cash flow, to introduce new product, to maintain leadership and to maintain long-term profitability and market share in an increasingly competitive and changing environment. Certain measurements are introduced to weight the success and progress of the objectives such as feedbacks from customers and retailers, keeping tracks on our marketing report and purchasing and analyzing the marketing research reports. With increasing budget Allstar has, high market share in cold category and leadership in this market are promised. Limitations on product…show more content…
ing track of not only what we did, but also why we did it, and what results we concluded from them How do we envision the written paper, what will it include Decisions Analyses Results Marketing activities Lessons learned Summary Ideas for breaking up the project Each team member will choose one marketing objective and handling everything for it Price comparisons Market demand Channel anlsysis Choosing one aspect of paper and focusing on all products and competitors so the material is available when the time comes to write the paper Pricing Maketing Promotion Focusing on certain competitors and handling everything One handles Allround products and other team members divide up the competitors Each team member keeps notes on performance and positioning of competitors Ideas for organizing the power point presentation Idea #1 One slide for strategies/decisions that we used that were effective and why Describing what we believed were critical during the simulation What information or research led you to make each decision Explain why they were effective Second slide for strategies/decisions that could have gone better and why Describe one or two missteps we would like to go back and change Describe why these decisions were not ideal Describe their negative impact Third slide to identify one marketing principle that the simulation reinforced How the importance of this principle was highlighted by the simulation Fourth slide for reviewing our original marketing plan
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