Pharmaceutical And Medical Device Development Cycle

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Today, the major predicament faced by pharmaceutical and medical device companies is the need for expediting the drug or device development cycle in order to place their product in the market at the prime time to attain market success. The process for such realization requires streamlining of efficiency at every stage of the process right from research and development, clinical research, regulatory compliance, production, sales, and marketing. Incorporation of Lean Six Sigma without prior streamlining and optimization of the process will limit the opportunity to benefit from the speed and robustness that the technology proposes. The dearth of theoretical and empirical evidence on the applicability of Lean Six Sigma technology in research conducted by medical device and pharmaceutical companies led to this position paper to present the proficiency of this technology with real-time illustrations.
The excerpts on application of Lean Six Sigma DMAIC technology in real world imply the propitiousness of this model, which bolsters clinical and translational research association between preclinical discovery, clinical trials, and adoption of innovative and effectual treatments into practice. The merits of applying these approaches for ultimately improving the health and welfare of the patient population is a testimony for its productivity and provides substantial evidence that these techniques can be applied to research conducted by the medical device and pharmaceutical
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