Pharmaceutical Companies Stand in the Way of Treatment Essay

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Pharmaceutical Companies Stand in the Way of Treatment Abstract This casebook concentrates on the negative effects that the pharmaceutical industry’s trade and production policies have on third world nations suffering from disease epidemics. My position is that pharmaceutical companies are not concerned with the health benefits of their drugs, but rather with the market that their drugs generate. I illustrate this notion by describing the trade policies that pharmaceutical companies influence and the pharmaceutical companies’ production policies which concentrate on producing life-style drugs rather than drugs that cure life-threatening diseases. Multinational pharmaceutical giants are occupied with producing drugs that yield the…show more content…
But this is not necessarily true. Western governments are usually generous about funding drug industry research. These governments also allow the drug companies to market discoveries and new drugs that are produced in government and university laboratories. The most expensive aspect of producing a drug is the pre-clinical research, which is performed by the government and universities, not the drug companies. The Academic Search Premier on the Penrose Library website was the most useful research tool. Since this casebook topic covers an international concern that is current and at stasis, it was necessary to use current journal articles in attaining reliable and up to date information. The process of inquiry and acquiring information about this topic delineated the necessity of examining several different sources and being a critical reader. In analyzing different sources of information, it was crucial to note the validity and reliability of the source; many times it was useful to analyze both sides of an issue in order to gain a balanced understanding of the topic at issue. In 2001, the discovery of three letters containing anthrax spores caused widespread panic that swept across the US. Thousands of people flocked to clinics to be tested for possible infection and hundreds were affected by the shutdown of workplaces and public facilities. Though only a
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