Pharmaceutical Corruption : Drugs At The Innocent Age Of Two

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Pharmaceutical Corruption
Children being prescribed drugs at the innocent age of two, over three quarters of adults in America on a prescription drug, highly addictive drugs being abused by the elderly, the list goes on. An Injustice that nearly everybody will experience in their lives involves pharmaceutical corruption. Most everybody in the world is faced with some sort of medication. Pharmaceutical corruption has overpowered the world with it army of doctors. The pharmaceutical industry does not create cures, it creates customers. People see ads and commercials for drugs and medications all of the time and never think twice about it. This type of advertisement is creating unhealthy habits that overall lead to abuse. Over the past decade the accessibility of pharmaceuticals has become so relevant in everyone 's daily lives that most of the population is or has been on a pharmaceutical drug. Whether it be a pain medication, anti depressant, or any other pill, the pharmaceutical industry has done this in the way that there is a pill for everything. People become so dependant of just relying on a pill it can ruin their lives. Just listen to the long list of side effect that comes with every bottle of medications. For most medications it goes something like this, “Common side effects include, nausea, vomiting, severe stomach pain, etc. And in some cases death.” Why someone would take a pill that could potentially harm or kill them is unbelievable. Corruption in the
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