Pharmaceutical Industry Ethical Practices

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Madiha Raza
Noama Naeem
Sheikh Zargham Zaigham

November 5, 2011

Dear Readers,
As students of BBA, our course instructor of Ethics in Corporate Society, Ms. Tania Danish authorized us to make a report on the “PHARMACEUTICAL MARKETING-the growing ethical concern?” We were required to make a report in accordance to our learning in the course of Ethics in Corporate Society and simultaneously increase our knowledge in regard with the ethics of Pharmaceutical Marketing in Pakistan.
This report is to be produced to explore ethical issues in Pharmaceutical Marketing in Pakistan and
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39 Ethically Wrong or Right? 46 Common Practices 47 Independence of Healthcare Professionals: 47 Interactions with Healthcare Professionals: 47 Separation between promotion and non-promotion: 47 Promotional content: 47 No pre-approval and off-label promotion: 48 Adverse events reporting: 48 Privacy of patient data: 48 Standards Followed in Most Common Practices: 48 Events: 48 Promotional Content 49 Promotional interactions with HCPs 50 Non-promotional interactions with HCPs 51 Communication with patients 52 Interactions with
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