Pharmaceutical Marketing Mix Strategy and Physician’s Prescription Behavior

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The Pharma Innovation Journal 2014; 3(7): 08-12

ISSN: 2277- 7695 TPI 2014; 3(7): 08-12 © 2013 TPI Received: 14-08-2014 Accepted: 28-08-2014 Rizwan Raheem Ahmed Professor, Department of Business Administration & Commerce Indus University, Pakistan

Pharmaceutical marketing mix strategy and physician’s prescription behavior
Rizwan Raheem Ahmed
ABSTRACT Purpose: This research paper gives an insight about the processes used by local and MNCs pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan.The purpose of our research is to examine that what factors affect physician prescription behavior based on ethical grounds. Methodology: This research focuses on the strategies and marketing tools used by pharmaceutical companies in
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Ministry of health permits for import of products and regulates prices (Controlled pricing). Pharmaceutical marketing mix is a set of pharmaceutical promotional tactics used for marketing and selling of product [2]. Pharmaceutical marketing mix is developed for better understanding of different promotional

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activities and tactics such as sampling and sales force promotion [3]. Whether a brand manager is using right promotional tools, whether 4P`s (now 7P`s are considered) are linked to each other and with product strategies for the two main objectives that includes [3]:  To Generate Prescription  Make the product reach the patient They can be said as Product chain and Prescription chain 1.1 The Product Chin This starts from selection of molecules and ends in the hands of patient. This chain is somehow intensive as it starts from the selection of molecules, then molecules are critically screened, after the screening of molecules the source of raw material is identified then the pilot batch manufacturing process starts at this stage pricing strategies and clinical trials are worked out. Once the pilot batch is manufactured then it starts with the commercialization of product, after commercialization product goes to distribution house and then it reaches the retailers. After patient’s diagnosis by doctor, patient purchases that product from retailer [4]. 1.2

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