Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (Phrma)

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Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Debbie Edwards-Kyser HCA432 Stevens-Henagar College Brandy Morgan May 9, 2013 Abstract In this paper I will discuss Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) I will talk about its purpose, scope, design, application, and how they affect the healthcare economy. Introduction The Mission of PhRM is, “To conduct effective advocacy for public policies that encourage discovery of important new medicines for patients by pharmaceutical and biotechnology research companies.” [ (PhRMA Reasearch, Progress, Hope Health Coutcomes Reasearch, 2013) ] PhRMA does extensive research on the different medical treatments from a variety of sources. The research…show more content…
Making sure that the research that is done is up to date in this ever changing field so that it is providing the best results possible. The research needs to be both of a broad nature as well as a specifically direct nature, covering aspects that are important to society and the patients. Considering both economic issues and how well patients can be productive members of society, doing additional research to get patients to that point if they are not. Application PhRMA needs to make sure that the research that they are doing shows that not all patients are equal in the needs that they have medically and that if the research is not done on a personal level and done instead on a population level then the results will not show the individuals needs. In short, research that is done on a broader spectrum is only one way that can help people and the doctors to make an informed decision on care. With all of the technology that is out in the world of healthcare people needs to be informed on the other options that they may have for treatment. The government research should consider a balance in communicating the findings of its research. Giving access to peer reviewed results so that treatment decisions are well rounded before a decision is made. “Government decisions related to the funding and conduct of health outcomes research should be made through open, transparent procedures that ensure appropriate and timely involvement of stakeholders such as patients, health
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