Pharmaceutical Sales 30-60-90 Day Business Plan Essay

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Ninety Day Business Plan
Auxilium MSC

30 Day:

* Begin home study. * Attend Training. * Continuously study and master product info and clinical trials. * Review current accounts and analyze sales data across the territory. * Identify Urologists, Endocrinologist, Internal Medicine & Family Practice Physicians within territory (Including Nurse Practitioners & Physician Assistants). Also target local pharmacies within various areas of the territory. * Meet each and every target physician and entire office staff within the first two weeks in the field. Leave contact information. Identify decision makers within clinics. * Ask office staff members (gatekeeper, nurses, etc) which days are best to
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* Understand managed markets and position Testim as the best option where preferred. Leverage pharmacy relationships to help with the managed care trends they see. * Schedule lunches/dinner programs to develop relationships and address any questions or concerns regarding Clinical Trials or prescribing challenges. * Inventory samples. Prepare marketing material to drive sales. * Calculate sales quotas and understand how many scripts are needed to hit each quarterly goal. Break it down to a weekly number if possible. * Investigate prescribing gaps in data. Observe which months are lacking volume and find out why. * Leverage current Testim prescriber’s loyalty to influence partnering physicians within clinics. Ask each physician to prescribe Testim. * Focus on “A” accounts that offer access, volume and influence. * Re-introduce products to “B” accounts to determine which accounts could potentially become “A” accounts. Continue to develop strong relationships with “B” accounts staff. * Set up breakfast and lunches with “B” accounts and begin to create more interest in Testim by eliminating competitive data against Testim. * Continue to focus on “A” accounts in order to maximize product usage. * Work to grow business in “A” and “B” accounts while continually delivering a solid efficacy message to “C” accounts.

90 Day:

* Continue to focus on “A” accounts weekly

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