Pharmacist Reference Letter

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It is my pleasure to recommend Erick Leung for your UMHS Pharmacy Internship program. He volunteered for me at the UC Davis Clinic Pharmacy last summer and winter break and I find him to be an intelligent, dedicated, and hardworking young man. He was always on time and ready to work. Although he had no prior experience in the pharmacy field, he was eager to learn and help in any capacity and utilized each task as a learning experience for him. For example, he turned the most mundane task of filing prescription to learn drugs’ brand and generic names. He helped me with pulling and returning expired drugs and cashiering. Erick caught on quickly and was constantly willing to help. During his time her, I observed his interactions with staffs and patients and discovered his sunny disposition also made him a pleasant…show more content…
I helped arrange a shadowing experience with our inpatient Transition-Of-Care pharmacists to help him get different aspects of pharmacy. He shadowed them for a few days and their feedback about Erick was extremely positive. The preceptors commented he was inquisitive, intelligent, and a fast learner. He was always willing to assist in any assignment and accompany the TOC team on their rounds so he could experience the collaboration between the medical staffs. They also expressed their appreciation for Erick multiple times for helping them with the patient discharge process and finding drug and manufacture discount cards to help with patients’ copays.
When Erick informed me he wanted to apply to your UMHS Internship program, I was ecstatic that his passion for learning continues to motivate him to expand his pharmacy experience beyond the classroom. I highly recommend Erick for your internship program. I believe his dedication to learning and approachable personality would be a great addition to your
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