Pharmacology Career Research Paper

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A career that I have been interested in for a while is pharmacology, which is the study of drugs and medicines. Pharmacology covers the chemical and biological properties of drugs and different ways they can be used to help people and animals recover from anything from a headache to a chronic disease. Pharmacology interests me because I have an analytical mind, which means that I like to find out why things work the way they do and make connections between what happens. Since childhood I have always been interested in how drugs work and how the body uses different medicines to its advantage. I would like to specialize in studying mental health drugs and how they affect behavior and overall health, which is called psychopharmacology. I especially…show more content…
The flexibility within the field of pharmacology is something that makes it especially appealing to me. There are lots of different areas of study under the “umbrella” of pharmacology, and that is something that should be present in any career field, from simple municipal work to being President of the United States. I want to be able to switch my job around without having to go back to school every time I want to make a change, and pharmacology is an interesting field that would allow me to do so. There are so many divisions of pharmacology that it would be nearly impossible for me to get bored with my…show more content…
It seems like a great field to get into; its job outlook, annual salary, and different kinds of flexibility are ideal for me, especially because I love to change things up. I could genuinely see myself loving my job as a pharmacologist—I’ll be able to help people, perform experiments, use the analytical part of my brain, and, most importantly, have fun, all at the same time, and that’s what I want to get from my

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