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CHAPTER 1: Pharmacology is defined as the STUDYING OF DRUGS, THEIR USES, AND THEIR INTERACTIONS IN LIVING TISSUE The physician must have permission from the FDA to dispose of any outdated medications. FALSE What government agency or agencies control prescription or legend medications? A AND C (DRUG ENFORCEMENT AGENCY AND FDA) Drug testing is done on which of the following before being named an Investigational New Drug? ANIMALS The physician must keep which of the following records when using drugs found on the DEA list of scheduled medications? ALL OF THE ABOVE The FDA is a division of the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES The person(s) with the responsibility for obtaining information and keeping records…show more content…
FALSE CHAPTER 3: The drug form(s) that are manufactured for dissolving in the mouth are A AND D (BUCCAL TABLETS AND TRANSMUCOSAL ORAL TABLETS) Topical preparations include medications used in the eye and ear, as well as on the skin. TRUE The medical assistant or allied health professional needs which of the following knowledge bases for effective medication administration? ALL OF THE ABOVE Use of a heating pad with a liniment is usually contraindicated. TRUE Drugs are classified by the ALL OF THE ABOVE Oral medications may be mixed with food to assist with their administration in older adults and children. TRUE A drug that is used “off label” MEANS THE DRUG HAS NEVER BEEN APPROVED BY THR FDA FOR THE “OFF-LABEL” USE Drug nomenclature includes all of the following EXCEPT the _____ name. PHARMACY Enteric-coated tablets require all but which of the following? CRUSHING OF THE TABLET FOR EASE OF ADMINISTRATION “Off-label” use of medications means the indications for use do not appear on the medication label affixed to the bottle/vial. FALSE CHAPTER 4: Factors that affect the doses of medication in the geriatric patient include all of the following EXCEPT ALL OF THE ABOVE AFFECT DOSAGES IN GERIATRICS Routine adult doses of medications are based on all of the following EXCEPT BSA Medications considered relatively

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