Pharmacotherapy Treatment Of Alzheimer 's

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604301973 Pharmacotherapy Treatment of Alzheimer’s: Donepezil A disease that sweeps across the nation and affects nearly 80% of the population ages 60 and up is known as Alzheimer’s. A misconception that many people believe about Alzheimer’s is that it is a part of getting older. It is not true. Alzheimer’s is an intricate neurodegenerative disorder associated with “protein misfolding and aggregation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial abnormalities and neuroinflammatory process at a molecular level” and “synaptic loss, cholinergic dysfunction, and abnormal protein depositions in the brain”. Some symptoms associated with this disease are delusion, inability to recall or retain information, mental decline, aggression, personality changes, mood swings, and etc. Though there are currently no cures for Alzheimer’s, cholinesterase inhibitors such as donepezil, galantamine, rivastigmine and NMDA receptor antagonist memantine are used as pharmacotherapy treatment to slow down the progression and temporarily alleviate symptoms. This essay is primarily focused on Donepezil and the cognitive alleviation it results in for patients with Alzheimer’s. The first part of the paper will summarize two preclinical and two clinical trials done on Donepezil to subjects with Alzheimer’s or Alzheimers like symptoms. The second part will describe the implications and future directions from all the results obtained. The first article summarized is “Donepezil-induced improvement in delayed matching
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