Pharmacy Improvement Services at Cvs

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The Service Process at (CVS)
The process consisted of five basic steps (refer to Figure 1), the first being the drop off. A customer would drop off a script and write the requested pickup time on the script itself, then put it in a box that was divided into a number of slots. These slots were assigned to a specific time period and the tech would put the script into the slot corresponding to the hour before the desired pickup time. The busiest times at the drop- off were before work, lunchtime, and after work. Regardless of when they dropped them off, more customers wanted to pick up their filled prescriptions after work than at any other time.

The next step would be the data entry. Each hour, a tech would take the hour’s scripts from
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The problems with the fulfilment process and recommended changes
An Overview
The overall problems faced during the entire pharmacy fulfilment process were that pickup window technicians dealt with customers who did not get what they were expecting. Based on their analyses and observations, the PSI team estimated that 16% of customers fell into this category. It was also even more disturbing that 27% of scripts encountered a substantial problem at some point in the fulfilment process. It should also be noted that even though CVS grew at market rates, it was only because customers believed that no one provided great services and they thought it was difficult to switch from one pharmacy to another. Despite this, at the start of 200, approximately 7.2 million regular pharmacy customers left CVS during the year, causing CVS to lose an estimated 55 million annual prescriptions that would have contributed $2.5 billion to revenue.

It can therefore be seen retaining customers should be the main agenda for CVS. This can be done through improvement in CVS’s services and operations. In order to achieve this outcome our group feels that an upgraded computerized service system, complete with a more comprehensive database would provide the strong foundations for a smooth business operation. The system should be able to monitor and record logistics, inventory movements, insurance checks, customer profiles etc. Secondly, training should also
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