Pharmacy is a Science that Integrates Health and Chemical Science

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Penicillin’s mass production has led to one of the biggest pharmaceutical advances and the development of today’s medicinal drugs. A Pharmacists role has evolved vastly in the past century. Pharmacy is a science that integrates health and chemical sciences. Biology lends itself well to Pharmacy in terms of the physiology of the body and how chemical constituents of a drug affect certain areas of the body in different ways and to some extent the body’s natural defence mechanisms to fighting an illness or disease, as the ability of antibiotics to inhibit the growth of bacteria and the impacts of antibiotic resistance due to repetitive use of antibiotics which can lead to them failing to treat a bacterial infection and has allowed me to look at the effects of drugs on a biochemical level and also the effects of drugs on the synapses of neurones. Also by studying A-Level Psychology, I have been able to see the implications of the drug’s effects on the neurones and the impact they have on the brain and an individual’s behaviour. An example of this is the drug ‘Prozac’ which is now banned in some countries due to the increased number of cases of suicide in the people who were taking the medication. Also, the pharmaceutical industry has also looked into the effects of ‘Placebo’s’ in treatment as controls to test whether a drug is effective, which brings in the element of Psychology in Pharmacy. By currently pursuing A-Level Chemistry, I have been able to study one of the
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