Phase 2 Case Study

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Task 1
Task 1: Sample Website for There and Back Your task is to create a samplewebsite as per the client request detailed in Phase 2 case study information.

The file, Phase 2 case study information has content and a banner.

Distribute the content into appropriate valid HTML5 web documents meetingthose requirements.

The content provided for sample tour page may be organised in more than onepage.

Provide in each web document head: a. appropriate metadata b. a descriptivetitle c. As you work through this task, use the W3C markup validation service toensure that all your web documents validate to HTML5 DocType.

Plan the structure of the body of your web documents using appropriate HTML 5elements.

The source code should show the use of these elements: header, footer, aside,section, sub-sections nav and aside to
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b. Apply emphasis to the text "Adventure travel company" in the Companyinformation paragraph.

c. Top of each page should feature the company banner.

e. Embed into your web page at least one suitable image and suitable YouTubevideo.

Include the required attributes Discuss the embedded items in terms of quality,and its suitability for adding to the web page.

Use comment tag to put your answer in the source code of the documentExample, <!- Your answer -> Note See case study information for links onwhere to find free photos and video clips.

Consider including any of these items for demonstration purpose.

Place the documents into a site structure including the mailing list form thatsuits the nature of the information.

a. Create navigation between and within the web documents.

Save all your web documents using unique and meaningful names.
Task 2
Css) sheet appropriate to whole website and apply styles to the content 2.

Apply the following styles: a. headings in verdana and
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