Phase 2 Individual Project - Organizational Structure

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December 3, 2012
Phase 2 Individual Project-
Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure is necessary to run any company effectively and efficiently. There are six key elements that a company should be following for success and those elements are as follows: I. Specialization of Work * The use of special skills so that one job is not done by an individual but by a group of individuals to complete the tasks. II. Chain of Command * Refers to a continuous line of authority from upper levels to lower levels with clarification on who reports to whom. There are three concepts that are a part of this element and they are as follows: * Authority * Responsibility * Unity of Command III. Span of Control
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IN addition to the traditional brand names such as Hew let-Packard, Sony, Whirlpool and Canon they have also developed their own private label brands in the form of Dynex, Insignia Video Products, and Rocket Fish video accessories. The buying power that Best Buy has allows them to have Distribution facilities across the US and many countries around the world. This allows for the most comprehensive logistic and resupply process in the industry. Stores are able to quickly replenish stock levels so as to consistently meet customer demands without the antiquated and inconvenient process of rain checks. The organizational structure allows for a tightly disciplined and well-structured supply chain and purchasing process. Unlike most other retailers Best Buy is directly owned and operated by Best Buy the company and ultimately is run by the Board of Directors. Best Buy does not use third party contractors in any of their advertising, logistics or supply. Therefore all aspects of this branch are under complete control of the company. This assures that accountability and quality are of the highest standards.
Of the three strategies that I researched the one that needs improvement is the Marketing and Advertising. Because of the vast array of products and vendors that Best Buy is associated with it becomes a great challenge to advertise and market effectively all of the choices that

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